And, Rosie, what are your credentials?

According to this video I found through HotAir’s postings, Rosie rants about Elisabeth Hasselbeck, “Her only f***ing credit was ‘Survivor’.  Come on!”  Of course, this occurred whilst Rosie defaced the poster of Elisabeth on a gay family cruise.  Well, at least, to Elisabeth’s credit, I have not heard her have to resort to vulgar personal attacks or mangle a likeness of Rosie.  By the way, Rosie, what credentials do you hold that should compel any thinking person to take your ranting seriously?

Is that all Rosie can dish out, because she can’t best Hasselbeck with a reasoned argument?  But, Rosie holds true to the liberal line – if you can’t argue it logically, scream, demean or whatever it takes to keep the reasoned opponent from laying out their facts.

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