Racial profiling?

An AP article in the Knoxville News Sentinel references a lawsuit filed jointly against the Maury County Sheriff’s Department and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement for what is cited in the suit as “racial profiling”.

Now, if I are were looking for illegal immigrants, especially illegal Mexican immigrants, would it make sense to focus on people of Hispanic origin?  In police work, that would be called a clue.  Hello.

There are 12,000,000+ illegal Hispanic aliens estimated to be in the U.S.  If we were to really try to curb that flow of illegal immigration across the Mexican border, would you not be looking for Hispanics.  I am neither a Rhodes Scholar nor a Noble Laureate.  But, come one.  A staggering poplulation of illegal Hispanic aliens in the U.S. and we aren’t supposed to look for Hispanics?

And, yes, I did am using the term “illegal immigrant”, instead of the politically correct terminology of “undocumented alien”. 

Being an “illegal alien” is a status, because of their having come here in violation of our laws, hence the “illegal” part of the title.  “Undocumented” is merely a result of their status.  Don’t let the MSM confuse you with their interchangeable ideas of the two terms. 

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