Should Vitter resign?

A Hot Air commentor (7/10/07 at 6:42pm) is referenced on Michelle Malkin‘s blog here citing an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article on 12/20/98 where Vitter commented about resignation for public figures involved in sex scandals.  Apparently, you can’t go back that far on the paper’s website to pull the article up.  Maybe someone else can locate it. 

It had slipped my mind, before reading Michelle’s blog, that Vitter got his start in Congress, replacing Rep. Bob Livingston (R-LA), who abruptly left office after numerous extra-marital affairs came to light.

Too bad that Vitter had a lapse(s) in judgement and decided to pursue relations outside of his marriage.  I was quite impressed with his staunch position against the Shamnesty efforts of Democrats and some Republicans, including the President.  But, if he has been caught with his hand having been in someone else’s cookie jar, its time to go. 

But, I can’t help wondering – if all were told, how many people in Washington would need to do the same, that we just don’t know about, yet, on either side of the aisle?  We will likely never know, I am afraid.

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