Committing crimes that Americans won’t

Just in case you have missed the headlines in print, radio and television, the body of Zina Linnik, the young girl abducted in Washington, her remains have been found, after a suspect led authorities to her body.  There is more about it here on Michelle Malkin’s blog.

The suspect was a 42 year old illegal alien and registered sex offender who was never deported after serving his first stint in prison.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) couldn’t explain why he had not been deported, after the first offense, and only learned of him when Tacoma police.  Can you say “catch and release”?

Strangely enough, federal law mandates that aliens convicted of felonies be deported to their home country.  Perhaps this innocent child would be alive today, were it not for our lax immigration policies.  Hello, ICE!?  Catch and release doesn’t work.  Can we try something different for a change, like enforcing our immigration laws and, maybe, making them a little tougher.

In case you missed it, I referenced a story here in Tennessee where the Maury County Sheriff is being sued for “racial profiling”, along with ICE, for efforts taking place in Middle Tennessee.  No!  I am not joking.

And, I echo Michelle’s sentiments from finding out that this illegal alien and sex offender is registered to vote in Pierce County, Washington…” (%**%&$^!!!!

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