#dontgo: “Democracy in action” or “Revolution”? I like the latter.

Join the Revolution

Join the Revolution

The #dontgo Revolution is underway. 

(I know Rep. Mike Pence says this isn’t a revolt, it’s “democracy in action,” but it’s just so much more fun to say it’s a revolution!)

The #dontgo Revolution all started on Friday when House Republicans refused to go home after the Democratic Majority shut down the House for a 5 week recess. Going on without microphones, cameras, and sometimes even lights, Republicans have been demanding that the House reconvene to vote on offshore drilling. Republicans gave speeches until 5pm on Friday and are continuing all week on the Floor.

Now, why did Democrats shut down the House on Friday without holding a vote or opening debate, you may ask? Because they knew they would lose! The American people are sick and tired of gas being $4 a gallon! The Democrats came into power after the 2006 elections promising energy relief but instead their two years controlling Congress has increased the cost of gas at the pump by nearly $2. (Yeah, that ethanol thing sure helped…starve the hungry and increase food prices, while not making a dent in gas.)

Of course, Nancy Pelosi and her minions are trying to dismiss offshore drilling by saying that we won’t see any benefit for 10 years. Well, they said the same exact thing over 10 years ago – that’s some progress, progressives! Also, as we saw when President Bush lifted the executive order off the offshore drilling ban a few weeks ago, just the speculation of drilling for oil in America makes the price go down. We can see immediate relief just by talking about it and working towards it.

So, why are the Democrats so against drilling in our own country that they won’t even allow a vote on it? In reality, they don’t WANT the price of gas to go down! They want to wean the American people off of cars in an effort to reduce our “carbon footprint” and stop “global warming.”   Read more…

It kicked off Friday, August 1st.  Check it out!

How often does a Conservative get to say that they took part in a revolution?  Now’s your chance!

H/T to Michelle Malkin on “the new gathering place for conservative activism.”

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