The 300? Another Democrat Scandal in TN.

No.  Not the movie.  But, it could be just as gruesome.

According to an article in the Tennessean, a ranking Tennessee Highway Patrol official, Lt. Ronnie Shirley, may have accessed the agency’s databases to dig up dirt on up to 300 Republicans in Tennesee. 

via The Tennessean

via The Tennessean

Yes.  That would be the same Lt. Ronnie Shirley involved in the alleged ticket fixing incident with then-deputy Governor Dave Cooley.

What is the scandal ridden Governor Phil Bredesen going to do about it.  Why, he’s asked the THP to investigate themselves.  You read that correctly.  He isn’t going to have the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation or anyone else investigate it.  He is having the criminal investigations division of the THP investigate it.  Chicken guarding the hen house? Hmmm?

Good thing the governor takes such criminal activity so seriously in his administration.  But, then again, Phil Bredesen is too busy jetting around the country telling everyone how Barack Obama and he both went to Harvard and are best equipped to fix things in our country to worry too much about such mnor issues as continuing scandal in his administration. 

“I would really like to see him do things in Tennessee that would help in other working-class and blue-collar places, like Ohio,” Mr. Bredesen said. “Job security and health care are huge here. He needs to come to the aisle of Home Depot and show them that a Harvard graduate – which I am as well – knows how to help them.”

You might find it interesting to get a quick listing of the scandal ridden THP under the Bredesen administration from the TNGOP.

Of course, Phil Bredesen could be jetting around, instead, crying that John McCain cheated on the Saddleback Civil Forum hosted by Pastor Rick Warren on 8/16/08.

At least someone on the Democrats’ side is taking this more seriously.  House Majority Leader Gary Odom (D – Nashville) is taking is calling for an outside look at this latest THP issue.

via the Tennessean

via the Tennessean

Rep. Odom has called on THP not to be investigating their own and asked to have an outside agency conduct the investigation.  What a novel concept.

H/T to Bill Hobbs.


Well, at least we don’t have the market cornered on Democrat corruption in Tennessee, with the likes of Rep. Tyrone Ellis (D-Starkville) in Mississippi using taxpayer funds to take a trip for “education” to the DNC Convention in Denver this month.

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