PUMAs for Palin? Continued discontent with the DNC.

Ouch!  Even with their ideological differences with the RNC, it looks like PUMA, or at least part of them, are lining up behind McCain/Palin after the VP announcement today. 

Do you suppose that had something to do with Obama’s attempt at a do-over on his classless remark about the accomplished female nominee for VP earlier?  Perhaps Obama is still hoping he can change the subject.

One might suspect that the sexist remarks by Obama supporters in the MSM today toward Sarah Palin didn’t set too well with the PUMAs either.

However you slice it, I think PUMA is on target, when they envisioned McCain saying to Obama, “You got SERVED!

I also have to agree with them on saying adding Palin to the Republican ticket “was a master-stroke by old Johnny Mac.”

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