Sarah Palin, the multi-tasker

Not only can Gov. Sarah Palin fend off attacks about her competency to be VP, she can do it while doing other things.  Today, for example, she was able to do it, while shopping. 

Oh, by the way, have you already heard that Gov. Palin has an 80% approval rating in her home state of Alaska?  Yeah.  You know – that state she runs, where she doesn’t have any “experience?” 

Yeah.  That one.  The single largest state in the U.S.  She has more executive “experience” than Obama and Biden put together. 

It’s a hoot to hear them try to belittle her accomplishments.  Not only is she the chief executive of the largest state in our union, she has reformed government, worked in a bipartisan fashion, ended the bridge to nowhere, given tax breaks to the citizens of her state and been to Iraq as many times as Barack Obama.

Oh!  And, don’t forget, she was not only the first female elected governor of Alaska but was also the youngest governor ever elected in Alaska.  Oh!  And, did I mention she has an 80% approval rating?  I guess I did.  But, it’s worth noting again.  😉

Glenn Reynolds has more, much more on Palin as VP.

More over with GatewayPundit too.

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