Feminists defending Palin against misogynist smears.


UPDATE:  Ron at Fort Hard Knox has more on the MSM misogyny, including a link to Times Watch.

…That the MSM have a liberal bias is well established.  Organizations like Times Watch give daily examples of the double standard when it comes treatment of Republicans vs. Democrats.  But the ferocity with which the MSM has gone after Palin is unprecedented.  The only thing comparable was the treatment of Clarence Thomas, another minority the MSM seemed to think should know his place…

Indeed, Ron.

He also details the CNN episode from Campbell Brown

CNN’s Campbell Brown is a case in point.  In an interview with McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds, Brown repeatedly implied that Palin was a bad mother by virtue of accepting the VP spot on the McCain ticket.  Here’s what Brown said in that interview.

“Putting this young woman, Bristol Palin, smack in the media spotlight at what’s already got to be a very challenging time in her life, how do you respond to people who wonder why her mother would have subjected her to this kind of scrutiny by accepting this kind of high profile position?”

It’s just a double-standard.

Even though he shouldn’t have to, Ron points out the obvious…

Can anyone imagine the same line of questioning about a male candidate whose teenage child had a similar problem?  Of course not!  It would never happen.  The fact is, many presidential and vice presidential candidates have had children with assorted problems.  While those problems may have come out in the media, no one ever suggested that the candidate was a bad parent by virtue of running!

I can tell you now that we have not seen the end to the left’s panic, P.D.S. and smears.  Palin is besting the Obamedia’s candidate and they want to know just who she thinks she is to be doing that, as hard as they are working to get Obama elected.

What Obamaland and the Obamedia don’t seem to get is that they are ticking off what tends to be some fairly regular supporters of the Democrat Party, feminists.  There are indications that they are starting to lean toward McCain/Palin, because McCain saw fit to put an accomplished woman on his ticket.  The One can’t say that.  And, feminists are starting to come out, in force, as detailed earlier in this post, to defend Palin against the left’s smear campaign.  And, don’t count out the PUMAs and people who are thinking like them, even if they aren’t in the PUMA organization.


Shakesville has set up a Sarah Palin Sexism Watch

So, is this a group of Republican women hiding out and trying to project the image of progressive feminists?  I am pretty sure that is not the case

So, as far as political ideology goes, most Shakesville contributores and readers and I may not, necessarily, agree.  But, I do find it refreshing that they are consistent in supporting their feminist position across party lines. 

It has been an issue of regular discussion in our home why liberals speak of tolerance, equality, etc. but then, when you see a conservative like Sarah Palin come along, her gender is mocked by immediate attempts to search out scandalous photos, etc, etc, etc

But, I have to say, Shakesville seems to be consistent in supporting women, regardless of their politics.

I have to admit, my spouse and I are pumped about Gov. Sarah Palin being picked to join the Republicans’ 2008 ticket as V.P.  Yes.  McCain scored big on his V.P. choice.  And, it would appear that the PUMA group is seriously considering support of the McCain/Palin ticket, after Hillary Clinton was shut out in the Democrats’ primary.

Keep your eyes peeled.  The Obamedia will show its uglier side pretty regular in regard to Gov. Palin in the next several weeks, between now and the general election.

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