PDS and a lot of BS from the left (Updated)


UPDATETom Blumer points out some of the “slippery prose and outright errors in the NY Time and HuffPost.”

I realize the existence of such things in either of those media outlets is not a surprise.  But, it will help you debunk some of the specific P.D.S. comments flying about from the leftists you encounter during the day.


UPDATE:  Bridget Johnson raises a good point over at PajamasMedia.

Hopefully, Palin’s candidacy will be about more than screeds on the size of her brood, or obsessing over whether she used abstinence education on her pregnant daughter, and instead will spur a new consciousness of the civil rights of the disabled and the dangers of eugenics.


UPDATE:  Here is what I foresee in la la leftist land, right about now.  “Calling all Kossacks!  Your PDS alert has been cancelled.  Another one of those conservative-types has come up with evidence, again, that has knocked our theory in the head.  Pass the word.”  Followed by one of their intellectual leaders captured in this video.  😉


UPDATEAdd another tolerant liberal, Andrew Sullivan. to the list of PDS sufferers.  Oh!  And, don’t forget Sean “Diddy” Combs, with his keen political insight on the Gov. Sarah Palin selection, who questions whether there are even any black people in Alaska.  H/T to see_dubya.  To answer your question, that’s about as “decent” and “savvy” as they get, see_dubya, probably.  Given “Diddy’s” commentary, it would seem that they aren’t too sharp either.  😉


We really shouldn’t be surprised, I don’t guess.  But, the left is going nuts trying to dig up stuff on Gov. Sarah Palin that they know no bounds. 

It’s actually pretty pathetic, as see_dubya points out.  Well, we’ve had Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS), McCain Derangement Syndrome (MDS) and, now, Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS), as Michelle Malkin points out.

Kim Priestap points us toward to a truly classless post by Alan Colmes of FNC’s Hannity & Colmes on his site.  But. strangely, Alan’s post has disappeared from his site.  So, all you get is the “:Error 404 – Page Not Found.”  Imagine that!

But, Kim did capture the page, before Alan could remove it. 

But for the full read, here is the Google cache.  If you have trouble with the link, just go to Google and enter the following search criteria, without the quotation marks:


No wonder Alan decided to take it down.  The commentors were giving him a good going over.  Here’s a sampling of the comments left for him, before the post….uhhhhh….disappeared:

I love it when panicked liberals lose their supposed tolerance. Do you ever wonder why Americans rarely elect Democrat Presidents? It is because of the elitist arrogance
seemingly endemic with Democrats.

Posted by Michael

Another stupid liberal canard – she found out when she was four months pregnant(Dec. ‘07). Are you desperate or just lazy? C’mon Alan!


Posted by WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

Pre-natal care has absolutely nothing to do with Downs Syndrome, that condition is determined at conception…it’s called DNA. Get a clue.

Posted by Matt


As a long-time H&C viewer, I’m absolutely stunned at this nonsense.

Shows much more class on the air .. usually.

Hope he finds the smell down there in the gutter unpleasant, and comes back out.

Posted by CRAIG
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