P.D.S. and the intellectually challenged D.U.


UPDATE:  SayUncle shares with us why the left hates Palin as the pick for V.P. and why the right loves it.  Keep clinging to that distate for small town Americans, Sen. Obama.  H/T to Bill Hobbs.

Wes Vernon also tells us why Sarah Palin was a brilliant V.P. pick.  A homerun, as Bill Hobbs puts it.


PhotoShop by David Lunde

Michelle Malkin brings our attention to the nutroots at DemocraticUnderground.  Michelle has a word of caution:

The link should have come with a blood pressure warning. These people make Palin-bashing prenatal care expert Alan Colmes look like a saint.

Remember the Alan Colmes deal just the other day that I mentioned hereHere is the link to the cached blog post that disappeared from Alan Colmes’ site.

I have to agree with Michelle, the sickest, so far, is mocking Palin for being a nursing mom.

Intellectually challenged and otherwise, I would say.  I don’t think meds will help them.

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