Palin vs. Obama: A résumé showdown

Dean Barnett at the Weekly Standard gives us an overview of his analysis on the résumés for Sarah Palin and Barack Obama.

Two things would leap out from Sarah Palin’s résumé–a pattern of overachievement and a pattern of actually getting things done. Two things would also leap out from Barack Obama’s résumé–an undeniable wealth of talent and an equally undeniable dearth of accomplishments.

Palin and Obama are roughly the same age.  But, the path leading to their current positions are quite different.  Obama started out with a bang, seeming like he had great potential.  Palin started out much more modestly but excelled in her pursuits.

Let’s also note that Sarah Palin has an 80 % approval rating Alaskans for her job as the chief executive of that state.  Barack Obama has a 72% approval rating by Illinois adults for his time as a legislator in the U.S. Senate, the same time he has spent running for president, for the most part.

My take on it…In a nutshell, if you want a little less talk and a lot more action (I hope Travis Tritt will forgive me for using his line), Sarah Palin is the winner in the résumé showdown.

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