Palin rocks! And, the left panics, P.D.S. rages on, smears continue, etc., etc., etc.

Look out, Barack Obama!  Gov. Sarah Palin rocked the house at the Repubican National Convention on Wednesday night. 

How do you think Gov. Palin did?  Glenn Reynolds has a poll up where you can register your score, as well as some more thoughts following Gov. Palin’s speech.

I agree with Lori Byrd, who said, “How stupid must Democrats feel right now? Who decided it would be a good strategy to kick a Mama Bear?”  They aren’t smart enough to let the sleeping giant be.

The enthusiasm of the crowd chanting her name, applauding, etc. throughout Palin’s speech caused many pauses for the celebration to die down, before she could continue.  Erik Erickson at Red State informs us that, as a result, Gov. Palin actually winged her prepared speech, because of a malfuntion with the teleprompter that continued on, while she waited for the volume to come back down, and did a phenomenal job.  There something else she has that Obama doesn’t.  Remember what happened when his teleprompter broke and he had to stutter around, until the malfuntion was repaired?  

Some cry that her speech was written for her.  Yes but with her own additions.  But, she didn’t plagiarize with it.  And, liberals, men and women, are all in a tizzy after her speech last night.  I love it.

Of course, the left is concerned with substantive issues in regard to Sarah Palin, like her hairstyle.  Do you know how important that is?  It has to rank right up there with “experience” and such.  Don’t worry, there is help for the MSM and other leftists that don’t have anything better to do than try to smear Sarah Palin.  Not that I expect they will do anything about it.  But, it is there, if they would.  Step one would be to acknowledge that it is real.  Isn’t it ironic the MSMS claims to be filled with unbiased journalist?  Some of the more interesting stories, about Democrats/Liberals, just seem to hit the editing room floor, huh?

I’m with Bill Hobbs when he says, “The in-the-tank-for-Obama liberal national media had their head handed to them tonight by a smiling hockey mom from small-town Alaska.”  Yes, Bill, “the next Ronald Reagan wears heels” and she rocks!  Jeff Emanuel is right, when he says, “Mission Accomplished.”

So, how is Obama going to respond.  He’s going on Fox News Channel tonight.  I think Michelle Malkin raises a good point about whether he is meeting with them “without precondition.”

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