Bredesen endorses Mike Williams. Surprised? No? Me either.


UPDATE:  Seems to be quite a bit of controversy stirring around Mike Faulk and allegations of a liaison with Kelli Walker, former(?)-chair of the Hawkins County Young Republicans.  You might try a Google search and look at some of the articles that pop up from around the state.  I would recommend sticking with the actual news articles, instead of the blog commentary.

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Mike Faulk                                      Mike Williams

Well.  Isn’t this bit of news from the Nasvhille Post special – not surprising, just “special.” 

Posted on September 4, 2008 at 3:13 pm

In a statement to Post Politics, Governor Phil Bredesen has endorsed Senator Mike Williams of Maynardsville:

“Senator Williams has represented his district with pride and distinction.  He’s been supportive of my agenda, especially when it comes to rural economic development, education reform, expanding access to health care and road projects.  I’m happy to endorse him in his re-election efforts.”…(more)

You really didn’t expect Williams not to get Democrat endorsements, right?  After all, he has retained the services of the Thomas Lindsey Group, a Democratic fund-raising and consulting firm headed by Cathy Thomas.  Not to mention, reports from July of three prominent members of the Senate Democratic Caucus had shifting excess mailing funds into Senator Williams account.  Why wouldn’t they?  Officials in Phil Bredesen’s administration are apparently fundraising for Mike Williams.  But, has it helped Williams’ campaign coffers?  Well, not according to this report from John Rodgers.

Also in East Tennessee, Republican Mike Faulk has about $143,000 in his campaign account compared to Independent Sen. Mike Williams of Maynardville’s about $15,000.

Nope.  No surprise for me that Bredesen is endorsing Mike Williams.  This looks more like Williams’ true colors, rather than an Independent.

Of course, it is no secret that there isn’t any love lost between the Republicans in the state senate and Mike Williams or that they are out to see Mike Faulk unseat him in the Legislature.  Of course, there isn’t much love lost between Mike Williams and others outside of the Legislature either.

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