Palin vs. Obama: Competing celebrity?

Oh!  The numbers must be irrefutable.  Even the Obamedia is reporting that Sarah Palin had an equal amount of viewers, 40,000,000, for her V.P. acceptance speech on Wednesday night as Obama did for his acceptance speech just the week before.  Even the biased media that is in the tank for Obama couldn’t deny Sarah Palin her props for putting The One in his place.

You know that has to hurt his ego.  Barack Obama has had months to polish his celebrity status and Sarah Palin comes out in no time and draws as many viewers as he does.  Oh.  And, Joe Biden drew 24,000,000 viewers of his speech last week.  As would be expected, the left is whining.  Democrat women, like Gov. Kathleeen Sebelius, who was passed over for the Dem’s V.P. pick, are sneering

No.  Not everyone is happy with the pick of Sarah Palin as the GOP’s V.P. candidate.  But, judging from the enthusiasm on the convention floor Wednesday night, it is safe to conclude that the majority of the Republican Party is. The MSM, along with other leftist outlets, are looking for more Republican minorities that they can try to smear.  It’s not like Obama or anyone else in the Dem’s party will take them to task for using such tactics. 

You know they think Palin is just uppity and just need to learn her place.  Who does she think she is?

Heh!  I guess that is who she is.

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