Palin did not call Obama a “Sambo”? Imagine that!

The rumor started out of what seemed like nowhere this weekend that Sarah Palin had referred to Sen. Barack Obama as “Sambo.”  Actually, the precise quote was “So Sambo beat the bitch!”  I first ran across the rumor at Michelle Malkin‘s site on 9-6-08 in the afternoon. 

The rumor was initially attributed to one “Charley James”, the person listed as the author, over at Dick & Sharon’s L.A. Progressive.  In case that link disappears, here is a snapshot of it on 9-7-08, when Google last crawled that page of the site.

It may help to know who Dick Price and Sharon Price are.  I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you that they are huge Barack Obama supporters, as Dick and Sharon’s page details.  Just in case their page on the Obama campaign’s website disappears, here it is:

Dick and Sharon appear to be committed liberals that get around the political net.

Now, it’s not that there aren’t racists out there that will smear a black candidate by calling him a “sambo.”  Remember when they smeared Michael Steele, the black GOP Maryland senate candidate, in the same manner?  It wasn’t just Michael Steele as “Simple Sambo” but also Condi Rice as “Ignorant Mammy.”  And, it wasn’t the GOP doing that to their own people.  Hmmm?  I wonder what party affiliation those smear merchants could have had?

Michelle has a follow-up post today that points us to Macranger‘s efforts to dig a little deeper into the source of the “sambo” smear.  The timeline for the L.A. Progressive blog that Macranger points out is interesting.

…First, their blog only came into being on 10 March 2008 according to whois records.

This is about the time that several satellite Pro-Obama blogs began to appear around the internet, several of which were found to be funded by the Obama campaign. Most likely this rag is funded by the Obama campaign as well…

What was it that Obama said about anyone involved with his campaign being invovled with the negative political tactics of promoting smears about Sarah Palin?  Does “fired” include pulling their funding, if it is found that the campaign actually did fun this “progressive” blog of Dick and Sharon Price’s?

How can you tell that what took place in liberaland is really bad?  When the DailyKos deletes a posting about it.  Now, that is baaaaaaaad.


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