“McCain’s selection of Palin is lipstick on a pig.”


UPDATE:  Is it a pattern with Obama?

* * *

H/T to Michelle Malkin for the heads up on this one.

As Michelle notes, here is the screenshot, in the likely event that it were to disappear or something strange like that.

12pm (EST)

Capture of screen from 9/10/08 @ 2:12pm (EST)

Bill Hobbs may have really been on to something about Obama’s “stubborn pride” and the “phony outrage.”

So, did Obama call Sarah Palin a pig?  Orlando has asked much the same question on it over at Fort Hard Knox.  We may need a poll on it.

There are just some things of which pigs are not capable.  Didn’t Obama get the memo?

I wonder what this does to Alan Colmes’ theory about what Obama really meant?

* * *

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