9/11/08. Do you remember what happened 7 years ago today?

Do you remember that today is the seven year annniversary of the most horrific attack ever committed on American soil.  Most of us probably remember where we were and the flood of emotions we experienced, when we got the news of the attacks.  We should never forget what happened that day. 

There were acts heroism by rescuers on the ground, by passengers on the planes and victims in the destruction.  After that, we have seen heroism demonstrated time after time by multitudes of people in our armed forces

During the day today, please, take a moment to remember those that were lost that day in the attacks of 9/11/01, those that have made the sacrifice to keep it from happening again on our soil and those that will continue to sacrifice.  The McCain and Obama campaigns have called for a truce today to observe the significance of this day in out nation’s history.  I think we can do the same.

And, keep this in mind, as Michelle Malkin notes,..

…Remembrance is worthless without resolve. Resolve is useless without action…

…Along with remembrance and resolve, there must be recognition. Recognition of our enemies, where they live, and how they are enabling endless jihad against us…

* * *

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