Sen. Obama, you’ve got mail.

Have you had the privilege of seeing Barack Obama’s latest attack ad on John McCain?

So, why doesn’t John McCain use e-mail?  Well, the Boston Globe and Forbes reported on that back in 2000. 

Why did the Obama Campaign take this approach?

Obama spokesman Dan Pfeiffer said the campaign was not making an issue of the 72-year-old McCain’s age, but the time he’s spent in Washington.

Hello?  Mr. Pfeiffer?  Are you smart enough to realize that the person your campaign has set out to mock on not using e-mail is a war hero that was tortured for about a half dozen years in the Hanoi Hilton?  You do?  Good. 

Do you realize that the years of torture he endured included multiple broken bones in his arms and hands?  You do.  Good. 

Do you realize that those injuries inflicted such severe trauma upon his body that repetitive movements, like sitting at a computer typing, aggravates those decades old injuries? 

Do you realize that John McCain received those injuries from which he still suffers, while your candidate was a mere boy waiting to write his books and become a community organizer, about the same time that your candidate’s friend, Bill Ayers, was busy committing acts of domestic terrorism?

Obviously, the folks over at the Obama campaign aren’t too savvy with Google and Lexis-Nexis, like Jonah Goldberg

Michael Graham has a pretty good idea on what to do in response to the Obama ad.  Have you sent your message to the Obama campaign?  Remember to keep it classy,… truly classy, not Obama classy.

A Michelle Malkin reader notes that this should be something that is made known to all VFW halls.

Maybe it’s just me but it seems pretty classless to attack a war hero for not using e-mail, when his extensive war-related injuries are his barrier. 

Check out this video from FNC:

The Obama camp may try to defend its use of the ad but, as AllahPundit points out, the “Obama spokesman won’t deny he knew McCain injuries limited his computer use.”

As Ed Morrissey points out over at HotAir, “If this is what happens when they takes the gloves off, maybe they should just keep them on in the future.”

H/T to Michelle Malkin.

* * *

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