Mike Faulk “edged” Mike Williams in State Senate District 4

The Tennessee Senate’s only “Independent,” Mike Williams, – use the term loosely –  was ousted last night by Mike Faulk.  It was touch-and-go with the numbers shifting back and forth for a while last night.  But, with 100% of the precincts in by around 10:00pm, Faulk had “edged” Willliams by a narrow margin of 246 votes across the 4th State Senate District.  While some may not consider that a mandate, it certainly is not shabby for a newcomer to unseat an incumbent.  Faulk finished the race with 29,417 to William’s 29,171.

Faulk’s win is also an indicator of what else happened in the Tennessee Legislature.  Republicans picked up a majority in the State Senate.  The breakdown was previously 16 Republicans, 16 Democrats and 1 Independent.  Republicans now command a 19-14 advantage in the State Senate. 

For the first time in years, Republicans now control the State House.  Jimmy Naifeh no longer has a strangle hold on legislation that comes before the State House of Representatives.

Frank Niceley defeated his challenger, David Seals, by a substantial margin drawing 72% of the votes in the 17th House District.  Dennis Roach performed similarly in the 35th House District against his Independent opponent, Edward Baldwin, by a difference of 5,268 votes.  Roach ended the race with 7,579 to Baldwin’s 2,311.  Those two races probably should be considered a mandate.

As the TNGOP’s blog notes, Tennessee “turned a deeper shade of red Tuesday“, because “for the first time since Reconstruction, Republicans hold a majority in both houses of the Tennessee General Assembly.”

On national races, Sen. Lamar Alexander handily defeated his Democrat challenger, Bob Tuke, for the U.S. Senate by a substantial margin.  Zach Wamp returned to office in the 3rd Congressional District by a wide margin and Phil Roe slid into the 1st Congressional House District easily over his Democrat challenger.

While Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin may not have won their bid for the White House, their presence on the ballot in Tennessee surely did lend itself to the victories down-the-ticket for Republicans in Tennessee, not only in Jefferson County but across the state.  Try not to get down about the loss of the White House. Instead, “gird your loins, conservatives.”  It will be time to regroup in less than 4 years to unseat The One from his throne and work on depleting Pelosi’s and Reid’s majorities in the House and Senate.  There is no time to wallow.  It is time to start preparing, planning and recruiting conservative Republicans to put out front in the coming national races. “We keep the faith. We do not apologize for our beliefs. We do not re-brand them, re-form them, or relinquish them. We defend them. We pay respect to the office of the presidency. We count our blessings and recommit ourselves to our constitutional republic. We gird our loins, to borrow a phrase from our Vice President-elect. We lock and load our ideological ammunition. We fight.

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