Obama loves Reagan?

Time magazine’s new doctored cover photo has taken me aback, I must say. If you haven’t seen it already, Time has photoshopped a picture of Ronald Reagan with his arm around Barack Obama and an article title of “Why Obama loves Reagan” and intimates that Obama has “learned” something from Reagan.

As David Bossie notes, “This manipulated image is as outrageous as it is factually dishonest.”  One would be hard pressed to find two people in the office of POTUS that have held more opposing views on this great country in which we live. “Forced, phony and laughable,” as Doug Powers puts it, are pretty good descriptors of this stunt.

Honestly. Anyone who has ever heard the two speak knows that there is no comparison.  And, for our Republican friends in California, that tremor you felt today was, most likely, The Gipper rolling over in his grave, after such an erroneous comparison of Obama to him.

I guess that whole “The New New Deal” thing didn’t work out for Obama, after the “shellacking” the Democrats took in November, huh?


UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds was wondering: “IS HE REAGAN? Or is he Gorbachev?” Benjamin Zycher over at Pajamas Media has figured it out. Time really meant to use Gorbachev in the pic with Obama, instead of Reagan. Now, that, I can buy.

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One Comment on “Obama loves Reagan?”

  1. […] Obama loves Reagan.  But, I seriously doubt it.  “Forced, phony and laughable” may be a more accurate […]

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