ObamaCare suffers another blow

Senior U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson sided with 26 states bringing suit against ObamaCare on grounds that it is unconstitutional. It’s not the first such ruling against the Socialisst healthcare plan. However, he went a step further than previous rulings against the plan by declaring it “unconstitutional.” As Erick Erickson points out over at Red State, “To understand this, you must understand there is a great difference between activity and inactivity. Congress certainly has the right to regulate activity in commerce, but Congress cannot compel you to act.” 

The Obama administration should be concerned. And, as a result, the Obama-led DOJ is already preparing their appeal on the ruling. John at PowerLine gives us a good breakdown on the severability issue.

The full contingent of 47 GOP senators have signed on as co-sponsors of Sen. Jim DeMint’s ObamaCare repeal bill.

As for the White House’s labeling of the ruling as “odd” and “overwhelming,” I have to agree with Michelle Malkins analogy, “Pot. Kettle.


UPDATE: Roger Simon and Jeffrey Anderson weighs in at Pajamas Media.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin provides us with an update on the GOP heat against Obamacare picking up on Capitol Hill in light of the recent decision by Judge Vinson.

UPDATE: Jeffrey Anderson at The Weekly Standard lays out how the Obama administration is reaffirming Judge Vinson’s ruling, although they didn’t mean to do so.

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds cautions on keeping the current happenings in perspective: “It’s only mostly-dead, and there’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. . . .”  Agreed. There’s still more to do. But, it is a good start.

UPDATE: Lest ye forget, Obama was against the individual mandate, before he was for it. He’s said it time and again. Maybe he just forgets?

UPDATE: Democrats trying to talk like Republicans. They just don’t get it that they would have to be able to act it and walk it to.

UPDATE: Obama was a constitutional scholar, at one point, possibly. I agree with Ed Morissey, “Everything old is new again!“…….today anyhow.

UPDATE: AllahPundit features the Quotes of the Day on ObamaCare.

UPDATE: “Non-sequturs,” indeed.

UPDATE: Constitutional law is fascinating.

UPDATE: More from David at the Tennessee Statehouse Examiner: “The so-called ‘Obamacare’ Health Care law is flawed for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that in the end it will undo many of the changes that have been made in Tennessee to TennCare to make it more cost-effective and save the State budget from TennCare causing it to collapse on itself.

UPDATE: Laura Ingraham ponders whether Obamacare is too big to stop.

UPDATE: James Capretta forecasts ominous dark skies on the horizon for Obamacare. Thomas Miller cautions against over-adulation in the end zone, when the next battle is around the corner. Michael Frank reminds us that this is a two-front war.  Orrin Hatch harkens back to Obama’s pledge to listen to the people.

UPDATE: Lee Habeeb ruminates on why federal judges matter more now than ever.

UPDATE: 58% of Americans against the individual mandate and only 39% for it. (H/T: Gateway Pundit)  Good to know that we have a govenrment by the people and for the people, huh?

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3 Comments on “ObamaCare suffers another blow”

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