The People’s Convention….No, really!

Seriously! I’m not making this up! This is just too good to make up. Something this funny can only come from Demcrats being who they really are. (Side note to Doug Powers: Thanks for one of the best belly laughs I’ve had in a while! Your post is awesome!)

Okay. Just in case you aren’t getting the irony in this, there is some light reading on the subject of “The People’s Convention” that might help bring it into perspective.

The People’s Convention was a “people’s government” that was proposed by communist elements in the United Kingdom in 1940–1941. Its advocates attempted to persuade Labour Party and trade union members that the current government was solely for the rich and was dominated by those who through appeasement had “caused” the Second World War, who opposed the Soviet Union, and who were profiteering from the war. Its literature did not, however, explicitly state that it was communist-backed.

Well, the catchy new moniker of “The People’s Convention” should make some folks happy. However, they just couldn’t please all of their base, even leaving some “bitterly disappointed.”  But, wasn’t it Claire McCaskill who didn’t want her party’s convention in St. Louis?

Oh! And, it turns out the host state of North Carolina is a right-to-work state.

Andrea Mitchell invited on DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, on Tuesday’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, to announce the Democrats have picked Charlotte, North Carolina to host their 2012 convention but the MSNBC host couldn’t resist hitting Kaine from the left as she scolded Democrats for selecting a right-to-work state. Mitchell, taking up for Big Labor, even challenged Kaine: “I defy you to find a labor hotel for these delegates, for all the AFL-CIO folks coming to Charlotte.”


It’s one of those laughs that just keeps on giving, the more you think about it.


UPDATE: I’m thinking DougT’s idea for “The People’s Convention” would have appeared more logical: “Beijing”

UPDATE: MSNBC likens the catchy new name for the 2012 convention to a “grassroots flavor.” Really? I was thinking it left sort of a bitter taste in my mouth. Oh, well. I guess I’m must not one of the folks to whom they’re trying to appeal.

UPDATE: More over at Red State on how union money didn’t necessarily buy loyalty from the DNC.

UPDATE: Like RedState says, the Devil’s in the details.

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2 Comments on “The People’s Convention….No, really!”

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