Those jurists…Who do they think they are?

Judge Martin Feldman

For the judiciary not to be part of one of the three branches of government, it’s surely creating some headaches for the Obama administration lately. Just the other day, Judge Vinson in Florida rules Obamacare “unconstitutional and, now, Judge Martin Feldman notes the “determined disregard” of the Obama administration’s Interior Department. You can read the Court’s decisions in its entirety for yourself.  I guess the administration didn’t believe him, when he sent them packing last summer.  How long before Judge Feldman is labeled as an “activist judge?”  The Obama administration has been noted as being in “contempt” and for it’s moratorium being “overly broad.”

A press release by House Natural Resources Committee Chair Doc Hastings was released following the ruling: “The federal judge’s initial ruling striking the offshore moratorium and his most recent decision to hold Interior in contempt of court correctly puts the letter of the law ahead of the Obama Administration’s agenda. Hopefully this ruling takes us one step closer to ending the de facto drilling moratorium in the Gulf, which will put people back to work and allow us to start producing more of our own energy at home.”  As Sen. David Vitter noted in his comments on the ruling, “Judge Feldman’s decision is a sharp rebuke of the Interior Department for continuing to place politics before all else.”

It certainly seems like the Obama administration keeps taking a few on the chin or somewhere else. As Ben German notes, over at The Hill, “The contempt finding provides political ammunition for Republicans and pro-drilling Democrats who say Interior is blocking offshore development. Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) quickly called the order a ‘sharp rebuke of the Interior Department for continuing to place politics before all else following the BP spill.’” Definitely been a tough week for the Obama administration. Now, it’s a matter of getting the Interior Department to comply, as noted over at Red State.

Ace of Spades told us before and, now, he’s telling us again: “the Administration’s shenanigans on the Gulf drilling moratorium were lawless and bound to get it in trouble.


UPDATE: More from Ed Morrissey over at HotAir.

UPDATE: The Right Scoop is “fit to be tied.”

UPDATE: Jim Hoft tells us about “Obama the job killer” over at Gateway Pundit.

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