Secretary of State John F. Kerry? Well, wouldn’t that be appropriate for the Obama Administration?

Winter Soldier John F. Kerry

So, John F. Kerry wants to be Barack Obama’s next Secretary of State, if Obama is able to pull the wool over a majority of Americans’ eyes again and win a second term? (H/T: GatewayPundit)  You remember John “Winter Soldier” Kerry, right?

Well, as if there wasn’t enough reason to send Obama packing already. Crises need to be headed off, before they reach a critical mass. 2012 will be one those times to head it off.

Of course, Kerry is now professing he has no interest in being Secretary of State. Heh! Like he’s going to be forthcoming about his intentions, while doing any behind-the-scenes maneuvering.

So, is there any reason for them to consider anyone else, if Hill makes it known she isn’t interested in continuing as Secretary? Apparently, some on the left see it as a done deal, if Hill vacates. Alan Colmes would be happy.

Heck. Kerry and Obama may be on the same foreign relations wavelength. Or, maybe, something like keeping the peace amongst the Democrats in Massachusetts. Be afraid, very afraid.

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