Inquiring minds want to know.


Several folks have been and continue asking me, ever since January 29th, who created the Facebook pages for the Jefferson County Republican Party, the Jefferson County Republican Women of the Future and, it seems more specifically, the Young Republicans of Jefferson County.  They have told me that they were confused by something that was stated at the Mass Meeting, when it was implied that someone else had “setup” one or more of the Facebook pages.

Left to right: JCGOP facebook page, JCRW facebook page and JCYR facebook page (CLICK FOR LARGER/CLEARER IMAGE)

A number of the folks that came to me seemed rather incensed. While it may or may not fall within the purvue of “theft of intellectual property,” as some very nice folks have told me, I suppose it is rather dubious for another person to claim the idea of creating these social-networking sites as his/her own. So, yes, I did create these sites to allow for social-networking, sharing of ideas, centralized posting of upcoming events, etc. amongst and by like-minded Republicans in our county. I am glad to see my concept for that coming to fruition.

No. I had never really made a point to announce my creation of the Facebook pages in the past, mainly because I try to follow the lead of several of my political mentors from over the years that it is better to work hard, keep a low profile and advance the Party’s cause, rather than try to be attention seeking and make the work about me and/or try to advance myself.  I realize that is not a doctrine embraced by everyone but it is a tenet to which I’ve tried and will continue to try to adhere.  As antiquated as it may seem to some, the true premise should be advancing the cause, not a particular person(s). 

I suppose it could be said that is why I have never had a great deal of use for individuals that look to make the Party’s operation about him/herself and not simply the Party as a whole.  The most sincere and effective Party leaders I have ever known over the course of my time working in politics  never sought any glory for themselves. (No. I’m not about to toot their horns here either, because they too have chosen to keep their work low-key.)  Yet, I can say that some of the most ineffective people elected to leadership positions I have ever seen sought, almost exclusively, to glorify themselves, no matter what they professed openly. Basically, it boils down to not only being able to talk the talk but, also, being able to walk the walk, both figuratively and literally. Really, how many self-serving egotists have you ever known that were effective in advancing an organization effectively? There simply is no place for glory hounds in furthering the Party.

But, I have digressed from my original intent of this post. So, more on point, since a good number of folks have been asking for clarification on the origins of the facebook pages for the Party’s entities, it seems logical and much simpler to put future inquries to rest in one place, here in this post.  At least, that’s my hope. So, yes. I did create the Facebook pages. 

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