62% of Tennesseans favor either full or partial repeal of Obamacare


Roughly 62% of Tennesseans want either a complete or partial repeal of Obamacare. 

The poll asked 710 residents whether they believe the health-care reform law should be completely repealed, partially repealed, expanded or kept the same. Approximately 31 percent believe Congress should completely repeal the law, while another 31 percent believe, as Dalton does, that it should be at least partially repealed.

Those numbers are based on a recent poll conducted by Vanderbilt University’s Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, in conjunction with Peabody College and the Tennessean.

A concern noted by some polled had to do with the individual mandate.

“It bothers me to think the government can make me buy something,” Dalton said. “Sure, it would be great if I was insured, but there was probably a better way to go about it.”

Of course, that particular portion of Obamacare has come under scrutiny in the form of legal challenges, where it has been struck down by a federal judge as “unconstitutional” in trying to compel you to act in purchasing insurance. The is the judicial branch’s function in the process, providing the checks and balances. The Obama administration’s reaction? They think the decision was “odd” and “overwhelming.”  Yeah? Well, two words: “Pot. Kettle.

You can read the full transcript of Judge Vinson’s decision here. Of course, that wasn’t the first ruling to come down the pike against Obamacare. There have been others and will, in all likelihood, be more to come.


UPDATE: This is just too rich!!! The geniuses that gave us Obamacare are coming out with a comic book thinking that will making it easier to understand and easier to digest?  (H/T: Michelle Malkin) Ace of Spades’ take on the possible super hero of the upcoming comic is pretty cool, huh?

UPDATE: Are senate democrats the newest threat to Obamacare? (H/T: Ed Morrissey)

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One Comment on “62% of Tennesseans favor either full or partial repeal of Obamacare”

  1. […] guess we’re ahead of the curve here in Tennessee with 62% favoring repeal. The Rasmussen survey was conducted February 4-5th amongst 1,000 likely voters and notes little […]

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