Southern Democrats seeking refuge in the GOP

Democrats jumping ship

A recent report in the LA Times indicates an increase in defections by a substantial number of Southern Democrats to the Republican Party, especially following the recent mid-term elections.

In some cases, the ramifications have been profound: In Louisiana, defecting Democrats gave Republicans a majority in the state House for the first time since Reconstruction; in Alabama, they delivered the GOP a House supermajority. Republicans have 65 votes to the Democrats’ 39, enough to pass constitutional amendments over Democratic opposition.

The trend continued through late January — when nine officials in Lamar County in northeastern Texas left the Democratic Party — and into last week, when Louisiana Atty. Gen. James D. “Buddy” Caldwell switched parties, leaving the GOP in control of every major state office in Baton Rouge. (read more)

Specific instances are noted in several states in relatively recent articles, like Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. There were 25 switching over, before the start of the new year. Jim Geraghty was telling us about some epiphany moments that Southern Democrats were having back in December. Oh. There were also some not-so-Southern Democrats making the jump too, like Indiana. But, let’s not forget that Maine and Kansas saw changes too.

Apparently, the mid-term election was an eye opener for a lot of the former conservative Democrats in the South. But, why isn’t North Carolina amongst those listed? Oh, wait. I remember now.


UPDATE: More from Ed Morrissey over at And, Ed gives credit where credit is due, to Obama and Pelosi.

UPDATE: The Blue Dogs are not happy with the Democrat’s leftist leadership…

UPDATE: Allahpundit updates on the collapse of the centrist Democratic Leadership Council and the entry room it will leave for the nutroots for which they’ve been looking for some time. Allahpundit also points to another centrist Democrats exit.

UPDATE: More coverage on Pelosi and the left abandoning the Blue Dog Democrats over at NewsMax and The Hill.

UPDATE: John Hayward over at Human Events discusses the Blue Dogs’ “Trump Card.”

The Blue Dog quest for relevance led them into an audience with Donald Trump today, a somewhat mysterious meeting that seems linked to Trump’s presidential aspirations.  Frankly, the Blue Dogs could have played poker with Trump for an hour, and accomplished their objective of making Party leadership sweat a little. 

Why do I flash back to Jack Nicholson as the Joker in Batman, when I read about them meeting with Trump?

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  1. […] why is it that I harken back to Jack Nicholson as the Joker in the first Batman movie, when I read about the Blue Dog Democrats meeting with Donald […]

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