58% of Americans favor repeal of Obamacare

Repeal Obamacare

According to a Rasmussen Reports Poll released yesterday, 58% of Americans favor repealing the national healthcare law, more commonly known as Obamacare. 

Fifty-eight percent (58%) think the plan will increase the federal budget deficit. Eighteen percent (18%) say it will reduce the deficit, and 13% say it will have no impact. This, too, is in line with findings for months. Earlier polling showed that voters discount CBO projections of deficit reduction because they overwhelmingly believe the new law will cost more than projected.

Most Democrats continue to support the health care law, and the majority of Republicans and voters not affiliated with either of the two parties remain opposed. But while GOP voters and unaffiliateds feel strongly that the law will increase costs and the deficit and hurt the quality of care, Democrats have noticeably mixed feelings on these three questions.

I guess we’re ahead of the curve here in Tennessee with 62% favoring repeal. The Rasmussen survey was conducted February 4-5th amongst 1,000 likely voters and notes little change from a similar survey done about a week earlier.

Voters also don’t seem to be buying the line that repealing Obamacare will increase increase the federal budget deficit but, rather, believe that free market competition will do more to cut costs, versus government regulation. Let’s not forget about insurance premiums going up, something that I’m feeling every time I have to take my kids to the doctor these days. It seems Obamacare is getting hit from every angle with the federal court rulings declaring it “unconstitutional” and Senate Democrats backing away.

So, what’s the Obama administration to do to turn the tide of public opinion? Oh, wait! That’s right. They’re gonna publish a comic book. Now, all they need is a central character. Pure genius. You have to love JamieWearingFool’s take on the comic book idea:

And only the most beneficent one, Barack Obama, can save you. Surely the teacher’s unions will be buying this in bulk so they can “teach” the kiddies about the joys of socialized medicine.

One can only imagine how cute and friendly the thousands of new IRS enforcement agents will be depicted as.


UPDATE: Obamacare gets a strong rebuke from Gov. Rick Perry in Texas. (H/T: Instapundit)

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey has more coverage on Gov. Rick Perry taking Obama to task and not just on Obamacare.

UPDATE: Just think about all you’ll get under Obamacare though, as Laura Ingraham points us to a WSJ report .

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