“Ever dance with the Devil in the pale moon light?”

So, why is it that I harken back to Jack Nicholson as the Joker in the first Batman movie, when I read about the Blue Dog Democrats meeting with Donald Trump?

Granted, the Democratic Leadership Council is coughing up blood and being taken over by extremists. But, seriously guys, a “Trump Card?” Yes. I know the Blue Dogs are being shunned by Pelosi. Heath Shuler has made no secret of it.

The old master of triangulation himself would have been bad enough.  But, really? Trump?  The end of the Blue Dogs appears to be drawing nigh.

Well, at least the DNC is holding their convention in Heath’s backyard, right, eventhough big labor isn’t happy about it? That would be The People’s Convention, mind you.


UPDATE: Michael Barone on “Vanishing Democratic Moderates.”

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey has a good write-up on The Donald, possibly, laying some groundwork for a 2012 presidential bid? And, there I was giving the Blue Dogs a hard time over meeting with him. In response to Ed’s question, “Are you ready for…….President The Donald?,” my answer would have to be an affirmative “NO.”  I’d have to see a whole lot to change my mind, not that it couldn’t be changed but it’s going to take a lot more than I’ve ever seen before to support him. Just sayin’.

UPDATE: Maybe, it’s just a “publicity stunt, a Trump specialty?”

UPDATE: I guess we’re waiting until June to hear officially from The Donald, what’s going to happen.

UPDATE: Beware the flying “hair, er, I mean hat.” I really enjoy reading Doug Powers’ posts!

UPDATE: Making GOProud?

UPDATE: “Grow the base?” I’m just not seeing it.

UPDATE: Ouch?! Why is Trump even at CPAC, you ask? Because GOProud invited him, ostensibly to “help support the conference.” How it helps the conference to have a publicity whore show up to tout his vanity candidacy, I’m not sure.”

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