How remiss of me….

President Ronald Reagan [1981-1989]
Ronald Wilson Reagan, 40th President of the United States


…not taking time out to recognize Ronald Reagan on his 100th birthday, arguably one of the greatest presidents our nation has ever known.  Fortunately, there were others out there more attentive to the centennial than was I on February 6th.

Ronald Reagan was an American Colossus. As John Heusbusch states, “Few presidents have altered the trajectory of world affairs as dramatically as Ronald Reagan.”  Michael Swartz said a mouthful noting, “A president like this comes along once a century.”

But, oddly, the centennial is not being celebrated everywhere, as one might expect.  And, not all recognition was quite so accurate, as Christian Toto notes, “HBO serves up a textbook case of documentary bias masquerading as an honest assessment of a transformative president.

But, better late than never. Happy birthday, Mr. President!


UPDATE: U.S. House marks Reagan’s 100th birthday with hour long tribute on House floor.

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