Casting Stones

Since she was elected to the Tennessee General Assembly this past November, Tennesseans have heard quite a lot about Julia Hurley. Some Democrats tried during the campaign to drudge up what they saw as a “shameful” past against her because she had a child at 15. What did some of these people want, for Hurley to go to an abortuary and end her child’s life? (Note: Sadly, for some of them, I think the answer to that question is probably yes).

Still others brought up that Julia Hurley used to work at Hooter’s. How many of the people who said those things are hypocrites who have been to Hooter’s when they think no one else is looking? In my column in The Examiner for today, I examine the way some people attacked Julia Hurley and how she overcame those stones that were thrown at her.

Julia Hurley is an NRA and Gun Owners of America Member, she is pro-life, conservative, and a Daughter of the American Revolution. Representative Hurley is also a single mother. In a citizen legislature, it was only a matter of time before someone like Julia Hurley-who is not unlike so many other young, intelligent Tennessee women-showed up in the General Assembly and her story hit the national AP wire.

Representative Tony Shipley (R-Kingsport) first shared Hurley’s story with me back during the campaign, and an anonymous source even sent me a couple of the so-called controversial model ling photographs of her. I looked at the pictures and thought that if this was all these people had on this poor woman, she must be alright. Rep. Shipley said of Hurley to me “she’s a fine young lady, and I think we’d be lucky to have her up here (in the General Assembly).”

Young intelligent conservative single mom serves the State in the General Assembly…as a Republican. I think some people are just jealous of the fact that one party is showing itself to be the party that looks like Tennessee and Tennesseans-and it isn’t the Democrats.

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