Seriously? The word pathetic comes to mind, AP.

Rep. Julia C. Hurley

Rep. Julia C. Hurley (R), District 32

 It was pathetic enough that the AP picked up the story on TN State Representative Julia Hurley, which I first ran across in the Knoxville News Sentinel. I wasn’t even surprised, when I saw it in the HuffPo. Now, I ran across it in the WaPo and NPR. Anyone, besides me, noticing a recurring theme here on who thinks this old news is “news?”

Glenn Reynolds has a good take on it: “…Well, our political class would be more knowledgeable if more of its members had waited tables. Helen and I interviewed her when we were subbing for a local talk-radio host shortly before the election. She came across as smart and genuine…”

It’s not the first time that Julia Hurley has had to deal with this same issue, as David Oatney notes over at the Tennessee Statehouse Examiner. Some tried to make an issue of it in during the campaign and we see how that went. She defeated an entrenched Democrat incumbent. So, now, someone has decided to dig up a dead horse and try to beat it to death, again.

So, is it that Julia C. Hurley worked for Hooters at a young age to support her child and go to college or is it something else that has stirred the ire of some folks? Maybe, it could be that she is a young, attractive 29 year old female, a successful consultant and entrepreneur, that she’s Southern Baptist, she’s a member of the NRA, she’s a member of the Gun Owners of America, she’s a member of the National Association of Professional Women, and/or that she defeated an entrenched Democrat to hold the representative’s seat in the 32nd House District? I’m banking on the latter.

There’s much more to Julia C. Hurley, than her opponents want to give her credit.

Apparently, a majority of voters in the 32nd disctrict didn’t have too much of a problem with Julia C. Hurley.

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