Could the TEA come crashing down?

The Tennessee Education Association (which I often call the Tennessee Extortion Association) doesn’t like the fact that they may soon no longer be able to hold our school boards, parents, and kids hostage and keep Tennessee schools from being the best that they can be.

The overwhelming majority of good teachers in Tennessee understand that quality teaching and effort on their part should be rewarded, but the Tennessee Education Association wants to preserve a status quo where the union can demand virtually whatever it likes, the welfare of the children in the district or the good of taxpayers be damned. The TEA does not benefit from a merit system wherein teachers are awarded tenure and gain increased job security merely by being good teachers-its purpose for existence as a union that can siphon wages off of teachers’ paychecks in the name of “collective bargaining” would begin to wither on the vine.

Let’s be honest here-the Tennessee Education Association is the State Chapter of the National Education Association. The NEA has consistently been one of the Democratic Party’s largest client unions and biggest political donors. The NEA has also consistently opposed the expansion of school choice, opportunity scholarships, and-in most cases-greater access to charter schools.

These have also been the consistent position of the Tennessee Education Association.

The TEA has been a mouthpiece and a front organization for the Tennessee Democratic Party on education and school-related issues for years. They are really angry because as the Democrats’ monopoly on State politics has finally come to an end, the teachers’ union stranglehold on our public schools may be ready to come crashing down like a house of cards.

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One Comment on “Could the TEA come crashing down?”

  1. brentsears Says:

    The price of schooling is going up – while the value of information due to the internet is going down. The old system was designed around 1900 to pump out factory workers.
    My questions is what happens when the students stop listening all together? Because eventually they will due to superior access to information they want to learn.

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