Bringing the WI Dems out of hiding

Dennis Pedrie at RedState has an interesting idea on drawing the elusive Wisconsin Democrats out of hiding to force their appearance in the legislature:

I’m not an expert in how the legislative process works in Wisconsin, but I’ve heard enough in the last few days to gather that the Democrats have been able to stop the budget bills from passing because they require a quorum. Without the Dems being there, the GOP is one vote short of the required number…

The main purpose of bringing such a vote to the floor would be to lure the Democrats back to Madison. The union bosses running the Democrat’s show wouldn’t allow such a bill to pass unchallenged. The Democrats would be forced to come back to Madison. Even if Right To Work wasn’t passed, the Senate Majority Leader would suddenly have the quorum he needs to pass Governor Walker’s budget… (read more)

Of course, public-sector unions in Wisconsin are “endorsing a call for a general strike,” if Gov. Walker’s plan passes. (H/T: LaborUnionReport) Imagine, if it wasn’t all about the children, the level to which these public school union members would stoop.

What’s the cost of something like that? Well, the “public school union members who have participated in the ruthless “sick-in’ campaign across Wisconsin may cost taxpayers at least an estimated $6 million..”  Michelle Malkin takes us back in time briefly on some of her past reporting on “…public school educators who have challenged the compulsory dues racket of their teachers’ unions…”

More on the absentee Wisconsin state senators, including how they may have to…*gasp*…pick up their paychecks in person, instead of being direct deposited. Horrors!  Show you your money? Come and get it.

Recall the AWOL. Turn about is fair play, right?

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