Government of the people…

I’m glad to live Tennessee, where we can still elect a very ordinary person to office.

Yes, a person who wants to run for a seat in the Tennessee General Assembly has to raise a lot of money and gets no public help for their cause, but if they can find willing contributors, anyone can be elected. No law says that a person has to spend their own money to be elected unless they wish to do so, and all a person needs for a chance to run for public office is to be constitutionally qualified for the office they are seeking and present 25 valid signatures of voters from their district or constituency. That is how we end up with a Legislature that has farmers, lawyers, retired military officers, real estate agents, insurance agents, teachers, firefighters, and policemen-and a former waitress at Hooter’s.

In some countries, a professional “political class” has developed. If you are educated the right way, come from the right background, or know the right family, anly then are you allowed to participate in politics.

It sure is nice to live in a place where running for office starts with 25 signatures.


Reps. Julia Hurley and Tony Shipley confer in Nashville (The Associated Press)

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