Number of bills filed exploded at the last minute in Nashville

Just when we thought the number of bills filed in Nashville this legislative session was going to be some reasonable number (around 700), it mushroomed at the last minute.

Will the increase in bills mean an increase in the size and scope of government? “Republicans ran on a promise to, among other things, reduce the amount and influence of government in the lives of Tennesseans,” said Senator Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) “but people have to keep in mind that the Tennessee Code is a huge collection of laws, so it will take writing some new laws to undo some of the old regulations we’ve pledged to tackle.”

Apparently, the Governor’s legislative proposals have been rather thin. That actually makes sense if you have an understanding of the Tennessee Constitution, because constitutionally, a Governor has very little power in Tennessee since a veto can be over-ridden by simple majorities in both Houses of the General Assembly. It makes sense that a Governor would look to legislators to come up with most of the proposals and then really push the ones that he has an interest in.
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