Wisconsin-like protests are unlikely in Tennessee

Some people may wonder why Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam isn’t saying much about legislation before the Tennessee General Assembly to restrict collective bargaining privileges for public employees.

The real issue that no one is talking about is why Governor Bill Haslam isn’t saying much. Many would say that it is because he doesn’t want to offend anyone and therefore is hesitant to take a side. While there may be some truth to that sentiment, a more likely reason for Haslam’s relative silence on the Legislature’s union-busting bills is that no matter what opinion he holds, it really doesn’t matter much. The Republicans in the Tennessee General Assembly have the votes to pass what they want to, and Haslam can either sign it or his veto will likely be over-ridden, since it only takes a simple majority to override the Governor’s veto in Tennessee.

The truth of the matter is that Haslam may believe that he shouldn’t say much because while he can express an opinion, he already knows which way the votes will fall. So do the unions and what is left of the big labor bosses in Tennessee.

Wisconsin Protests

Protests by big labor unions in Wisconsin are far less likely to repeat themselves in Tennessee, where anti-union sentiment traditionally runs high (Photo: businessinsider.com

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