“A national resource…”

“L” is for…

That’s how Michael Moore recently referred to money earned by Americans, saying, “That’s not theirs. That’s a national resource. That’s ours, that we all have this.”  Watch the whole thing below but pay special attention starting around the 50 second mark on the video timer.

There’s his foolproof plan. Crazy talk is what it is.  Take money from hard working Americans who have earned what their family has and give it away to those who don’t and/or won’t.  Are you offended, yet? Anybody know how much of his own money this wealthy American has just given away? Yeah. I haven’t heard about him, “a multi-millionaire,” giving any of his away hand-over-fist either. Like Jammie says, “I never see any of these Marxist scumbags ever giving their own money away.”

I’m still waiting too on him to post all of his bank account numbers online, so we can have access to our money.  Like Bryan says, “Does that mean that we’re all entitled to a cut of the proceeds from Fahrenheit 9-11?” I hope it doesn’t take him too long. I’ve been hoping for a raise.  What? He’s just hypocritical? No! Really?!

Maybe someone can give Michael an economics lesson to help him understand that his Marxist approach isn’t the answer. Then again, he probably doesn’t want to hear it, so he can remain economically illiterate. Should we be  looking for him in 2012 to run on the Communist Party ticket for POTUS?

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