Spring Break antics at State Capitol

Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey likely had it right when he called yesterday’s protestors at the State Capitol “professional agitators on Spring Break.”

That isn’t meant to be a bad reflection on all college students or even most of them-a great many “college kids” today both go to school and work full time-and many of today’s students aren’t young people at all and already have families and/or careers themselves-but there will always be those on a college campus who are young, impressionable, just starting out in life, and who will believe whatever their liberal professors tell them. Some of those same young people still have plenty of time between classes for militant liberal political activism.

This writer went to college, too, and remembers quite well that there is a great chasm between life on campus and the so-called “real world.” Yes, a young person’s trip to university often opens their eyes to the reality that there is a whole world of people whose outlook on life is vastly different than their own. Sometimes a well-grounded person is turned into a raging Leftist at college. If you really want to be counter-cultural on campus, declare yourself a conservative in that environment. Fellow students and most professors look at you as though you have four heads. Tenure alone often saves the jobs of openly conservative professors at many public universities (tenure likely saved the hide of my favorite professor, an openly conservative history professor who lit a fire under this writer’s rear to live up to my abilities and do what was right).

The mindset of those who spend most of their time in or around a college campus-especially a public university-is vastly different than those outside of that world, whether students, professors, or staff. Often, it has to be that way. Expectations are different in academia and so are the schedules and the requirements of daily life. A college friend of this writer reflected in a conversation the other day on how we viewed life in university as opposed to how it really is and how we might have done things differently then if we all knew what we know now about the “game of life.”

If you look at the mugshots of some of the seven who were arrested, you see that we are dealing with college or graduate school-aged people for the most part. As it turns out, several were students at the University of Memphis.

Protestor Arrested

Some "protestors" want to be arrested so as to make public fools of themselves (Photo from WATE.com)

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