Barbara McAndrew, a lifetime of Republican achievement


1re·pub·li·can   (noun)
Definition of REPUBLICAN
1  : one that favors or supports a
       republican form or government
2   capitalized
      a : a member of a political party
           advocating republicanism
      b : a member of the Republican
            party of the United States 


   See also Barbara McAndrew 

 On March 25th a lifetime of Republican work was honored, when Barbara McAndrew was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by Gov. Bill Haslam and a Senate Joint Resolution (SJR137). I have had the privilege of knowing Barbara for many years and, thus, have had the honor of watching and helping her work to promote the Republican Party and its philosophy.  The name Barbara McAndrew is synonymous with Republican efforts in Jefferson County and East Tennessee and, for that matter, across the state.

Before taking a leadership role in the local Republican Party, Barbara worked diligently behind the scenes, never seeking accolades for her work. And, while she has received some recognition in the past and very appropriately is receiving it now, she never seemed to openly seek it out. That is a true Republican activist, one working for the betterment of the party, not him/herself, and that is a trait I greatly admire in a person.

Barbara has served as chair of the Jefferson County Republican Party. She established the Jefferson County Republican Women of the Future, has served for many years as its president and worked tirelessly to make it an extremely viable presence in local and state politics.

However, Barbara’s work was not limited to solely Jefferson County. She has also served as president of the Tennessee Federation of Republican Women (TNFRW). Following Barbara’s tenure as the TNFRW president in 1997, the Federation honored her for her diligent work to get Republicans elected to office state-wide with the creation of political action committee named in her honor, the Barbara McAndrew Iris Fund.

In November of 1997, the Tennessee Federation of Republican Women (TFRW) Board of Director’s established a Political Action Committee (PAC) to provide financial assistance for Republican candidates during the General Election who are seeking election to the Tennessee General Assembly. To honor the effective and diligent efforts of the out-going President in 1997 the board called this PAC the Barbara McAndrew Iris Fund (Iris Fund). The Iris Fund is managed by a committee of the TFRW. The committee is composed of six members–two members being from each of the geographical divisions of Tennessee identified as East, Middle and West Tennessee. They are appointed by the President-elect after officers have been elected at the biennial convention and subject to the approval of the Executive Board.

Barbara McAndrew shall serve the committee as an advisor for as long as she consents to serve. By two-thirds vote of the entire committee, the committee may seek expert advice from other advisors relating to the immediate management concerns. The committee does work closely with the Tennessee Republican Party. The Committee has sole responsibility of disbursement of monies.

Regulations governing PAC’s prohibit raising money while the Tennessee Legislature is in session…a period from mid-January to April or May usually.


But, that’s not the end of Barbara’s involvement in Republican efforts. She has also served as a National Federation of Republican Women Capitol Regent and honored with the opportunity to meet with President George W. Bush in the Oval Office in 2008.

Yes. Barbara has a long and storied career in Republican politics in Jefferson County, the State of Tennessee and, even, the nation. What sets her apart from many others out there is that she did all of this work for the Republican Party and to get Republican candidates elected to office, because she believes in the party’s philosophy/platform. Too many people get involved in politics, unfortunately, for their own vanity, to advance their personal agenda, to receive accolades, to make a name for themselves, etc.
Barbara, on the other hand, tends to keep most of what she did and still does out of spotlight. That is the measure of a truly honorable person who sees the big picture and works to get it done, foregoing any concern of recognition. Has Barbara McAndrew had a personal agenda? Most definitely. That agenda has been advancing the Republican Party and getting Republicans elected to office and she takes that very personally. Thus, Barbara McAndrew is the very type of person who should be honored.
So, Barbara, I offer you my heartfelt congratulations and think that this honor is far too long overdue! I am honored to have the privilege of calling you my friend and a mentor in Republican politics. And, no. It would not surprise me to one day look in the dictionary and see a reference to Barbara to further define the term “Republican.”
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