The 107th moves the conservative agenda

Some so-called “conservative” critics of our current Republican leadership in Nashville are accusing House Speaker Beth Harwell and certain Republicans in both the House and the Senate of being RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) but what these people seem to forget is that the conservative agenda is actually moving with both Houses under Republican control.

There have been complaints in some quarters that the new General Assembly isn’t acting quickly enough, or that somehow the Republican leadership in the General Assembly have sacrificed the conservative agenda. Republicans have been in real bona fide power in Nashville for all of five months, and have managed to get much of the legislative agenda that they ran on in 2010-from teacher testing requirements to the second passage of SJR 127 (thereby sending it to the people for ratification in 2014)-through the General Assembly. Still other pieces of legislation haven’t made it through but are now actually moving through the committee system and getting their day on the agenda, as opposed to being sent to the Summer Study Committee on Who Gives a Crap…
The reality is that the conservative agenda is going places that it never went before when Democrats controlled the Tennessee General Assembly, but those who expect that Republican control means that we (conservatives) are going to get everything we want overnight are living in a fantasy world. Getting the majority was only the first battle that we were able to win. Formulating an agenda and getting that agenda through the General Assembly takes work and political blood, sweat, and tears. Our party has people and factions who mean well and who advance freedom in their own way, but are sometimes at odds one with another-such is the nature of politics.
To act as though nothing positive is coming from our Republican majority is not only childish, it is simply a position that is ignorant of the facts.

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