Showdown Thursday over collective bargaining bill in Tennessee House

The bill that would end union domination of the school districts of this State is on the House Regular Calendar for Thursday.

“They (the Democrats) know that when the bill comes up, that we will have to substitute and conform to the Senate bill because it was passed ahead of our version. Those are our rules, and those are rules they (Democrats) are familiar with,” Representative Maggart, the House Republican Caucus Chairman, told The Examiner in an interview at the weekend. “I have every intention of fighting to insure that the final bill is amended to include the changes that have been made in the House during the [legislative] process.” Maggart added that whatever version is finally agreed on by both the House and Senate, a bill such as 130/113 making it as far as it has is proof that things are changing in Nashville.

Maggart’s pledge to fight for a final version of the collective bargaining bill which more closely resembled the House version was fulfilled in part during yesterday’s floor session, when the Senate legislation was amended after the mandatory substitution with a House rider which re-writes large parts of the bill to be more like the House version. Debate on the bill was then rolled to Thursday’s House Regular Calendar.

Republicans and conservatives have literally waited years, knowing that the only way that Tennessee schools can truly be improved is to end union domination of those schools. That process could come to a head on the House floor Thursday. Expect a very long session.

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