Tennessee Education Association tries one last desperate futile attempt to save their political power

The Tennessee Education Association os trying one last futile attempt to hang on to their political power.

The Tennessee Education Association, now realizing that their political power is about to wither away to nothingness, is trying one last desperate attempt to save themselves in asking Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam to veto the legislation that replaces collective bargaining by unions with school boards and county commissions with collaborative conferencing. What, pray tell, do they think that would accomplish?

In Tennessee, it only takes a simple majority (51 votes in the House, 17 votes in the Senate) to override a Governor’s veto. The House and Senate could make the override the first major order of business when the General Assembly reconvenes in January, and the supporters of the measure would have the votes to make it stick. A veto on Haslam’s part would only delay the enactment of the Collective Bargaining Repeal Law, not prevent it from coming into being.

Haslam, of course, understands that teachers aren’t the problem, but the union that purports to represent them has been a roadblock to real education reform for years. The Governor will likely sign the bill.

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