Why aren’t liberals hyperventilating over Weiner-gate, like they did Chris-list?

Remember when former-U.S. Rep Christopher Lee “had sent flirtatious e-mails, including one with a bare-chested photo of himself, to a woman he met on Craigslist?” Do you remember how Democrats were hyperventilating over that shirtless pic? So, where’s the outrage from the Dems, now that one of their own has photographed his junk and sent it to a 21 year old co-ed in Washington state? *crickets*

Well, to be fair, some on the left do think his behavior, if not Weiner himself, is pretty “skeezy.”  But, at least, Lee had the decency to resign. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Rep. Anthony Weiner in the midst of Weiner-gate.  He insists he didn’t send the lewd pic, although he “can’t say with certitude” that the pic isn’t of him, to the young female co-ed, offering everything from being “hacked,” to a “prank,” to “spam” to “a goofy thing” as an excuse.  “Can’t say with certitude?”  How many half-dressed or worse pics of himself does he have that he can’t tell if that’s him or his loins in the photo?  What’s the likelihood that there are more photos out there that have been “hacked” and sent as “spam” to some of his other “Tweet-hearts” as some “goofy thing” kind of “prank?”

Anyhow, his excuses don’t seem to hold water.  Now, me, I would have saved those excuses for the avatar on the Twitter profile, if I were him. But, hey. That’s just me.

Now, if he were really serious about putting this behind him and convincing everyone that he really did, in fact, not send the pic to the young co-ed, why does he not ask the FBI and/or Capitol Police to investigate. After all, it was his official Congressional Twitter account that was “hacked,” as he originally professed?  Does this not lead to the possibility that other official accounts could be at risk?  Bret Baier reminded him during his interview on FNC’s Special Report that, if the FBI were brought into the case, they could have the identity and IP address of the person who sent it in a matter of minutes. Ace of Spades was nice enough to provide a direct link to the Internet Computer Complaint Center of the FBI.

At least he’s remaining dignified and not making any crass Wiener phallic jokes. Wait!  Scratch that.  Seriously. What crisis management handbook is Anthony Weiner using?  Everyone else in the public eye needs to take note of it and make sure to get the one from the opposing school of thought.

While this is certainly something we on the right have had some fun with, given the Weiner Crisis Management model, let’s keep this “reality-based.” Shall we?  Usually, “the obvious answer is in fact the answer.”  There is some precedent with other public figures, believe it or not, in what is possibly the same fashion Weiner’s went down. Yet, there are still those on the left in denial and thinking the entire Weinergate fiasco to be absurd.

Rest assured. Weinergate is, likely, far from over. Given Weiner’s public handling of the situation so far, there is much more to come out of this.


UPDATE:  Weiner admits he lied (can he say that with ‘certitude‘?) and that the pic was him and he tweeted it to the 21 year old co-ed in Washington State, as well as facebook messages that broke yesterday in the news.  Watch the video.  Listen to all of the lawyer-speak.  He proclaimed he won’t use social media the same way but does note that “Facebook is a useful way to get out the message.” Or, at least the package, right?  It took him a while but he finally even apologized to Brietbart and other media outlets to whom he lied last week about the affair.  However, he will not resign. Imagine that.  The fringe left has switched from it being a vast right-wing conspiracy to the mantra of “Weiner Lied, Nobody Died!”  Interesting lot they are.  Nancy Pelosi and others have called for an ethics investigation into Weiner’s affair. While he insists he did not use any government resources to carry on with the women over the period of three years, there were allegations in the more recently exposed Facebook episode that would seem to indicate he is still lying. Why don’t Pelosi and the other Dems do what the House Republican Leadership did with Mark Foley and send him packing? We’ll have to see how that comes out in the wash.  While many of his constituents are ticked with Weiner right now, he does hail from the very liberal New York City, which may well forgive him for the photos, explicit messaging, lying, etc. but it could still hurt him in fundraising, at least in the short-term.

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