Tennessee RNC Committeeman decries “National Popular Vote” proposal-State Party appears to agree

Tennessee’s Republican National Committeeman, John Ryder of Memphis, wrote a piece in Friday’s Washington Times decrying the “National Popular Vote” proposal. Ryder’s national op-ed didn’t appear to be the end of it, however.

What was most telling, however, was not John Ryder’s article in the Times, but the fact that yesterday the Tennessee Republican Party felt the need to disseminate that article to via e-mail to its list of press, supporters, and other such interested persons. In choosing to do so, the Tennessee GOP engaged in a kind of tacit endorsement of the Ryder position (which, per Thursday and Monday’s columns, is also the Oatney position), and that is important because the party acknowledged, however faintly, the threat to Tennessee’s political influence within the Union that is posed by this subversive political movement, one whose supporters are thus far being anything but forward and direct about their ultimate goal, to abolish the federal Electoral College in everything but name.

In distributingRyder’s article via e-mail to a much wider audience, the Tennessee GOP seems to give a kind of collective approval to Ryder’s position, which is a good thing, since the NPV crowd would very much like to subvert the constitution.

Electoral College map of the 2000 Presidential Election

If the National Popular Vote crowd had their way in 2000, we would have had President Gore.

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