No more social promotion

Beginning July 1st, social promotion of childred past the 3rd Grade will be a thing of the past in Tennessee.

The purpose of legislation such as this is not to simply dictate to local education authorities what their retention policies should or shouldn’t be. Instead, this new law is designed to benefit the student. If a non-special needs student isn’t learning, they need to be helped, and if necessary held back until they’ve mastered the appropriate material. Until now, many children have been socially promoted with the theory that holding them back might do them more damage both socially and academically. Many public schools, not only in Tennessee but across the country, have operated with the notion that a student who may be held back a year is less likely to succeed in the future. If a child who is having trouble in school is made to stay until they “get it right,” that student is more likely to apply theselves so that they don’t have to be held back in the future.

Limiting the influence of teachers’ unions was a major step in reforming education in this State, but abolishing social promotion just might be the most important step that has yet been taken. The reforms aimed at the unions are meant to hold teachers accountable, but the end of social pomotion is meant to hold students and parents to the same standards.

Simply put, higher stadards are going to apply to everyone in the education system, not just one sub-group or another.

Classroom Black and White

Social promotion of children past the 3rd Grade is about to end in Tennessee-now students with the capacity t learn will have to earn their way.

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