Barack Obama’s seeking your input

No. It’s not a joke. I read it with my own eyes.

Well? He’s asked you for your advice. Aren’t you going to offer it to him?  There are so many things from which to choose, not the least of which is #Obamacare, #FuelPrices, #De-valuedCurrency, #USDeficit, #FailedEconomy, etc.  Of course, you could come up with your own issue(s) too.

My personal favorite is him being #DoneInOne. But, hey, you could talk #GolfHandicap with him, if you want. Strangely, Obama  and the @Obama2012 campaign haven’t allowed any of the replies to be seen publicly on the @BarackObama site.  You know that there have to be some real doozies out there, after opening the door up like that to everyone.

Better Tweet them to him quick like. I don’t know that his mobile device works on the back nine or when that original tweet will disappear.


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