About to hit the ceiling

East Tennesseans are letting their members of Congress know just what they think about the failure of Congress to raise the national debt ceiling, just like President Obama asked them to do:

“I don’t care if you have to shut the whole thing down. DO NOT BORROW ANOTHER DIME!!!” -A comment on U.S. Rep. Scott Desjarlais’ (R-Jasper) Facebook page.

“NO COMPROMISE!! We are taxed plenty; problem is over-spending. All Americans, myself included, must be willing to sacrifice part of our benefits to preserve the future of our Great Nation. I’m willing, are you?”

“Stand up to Obama…we are behind you all the way.”

“Dr Roe – thanks again for ‘holding the line’ for all of us here in east Tennessee. Once again, the Democrat Party has proven it has no leadership beyond threats, nor any plans for budget changes that are reasonable. We have needed adults making these decisions; thank you for being one of them, even if you are in that hot DC swamp!”

Tell the President that we won’t back down, cut spending.

-comments on Congressman Phil Roe’s (R-Johnson City) Facebook page.

“Obama has created this mess … $14 Trillion is enough! Do not raise the Debt Ceiling … CUT, CAP, Balance … hold firm!”

“Congressman, all “compromises” are insignificant if there is no balanced budget, …it is key, and a must regarding my assessment of this subject.”

“Hang tough Chuck! Just say No to taxes. We are taxed enough!”

“If my family has to cut some things out to adjust out of our budget to this Obama economy, why shouldn’t the government also have to adjust?”

-comments on Congressman Chuck Fleischmann’s (R-Chattanooga) Facebook page.

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