Congratulations to Bobby Vesser-the Jefferson County GOP’s new Senior Chairman

Congratulations to the Jefferson County Republican Party’s new Senior Chairman Bobby Vesser.

Jefferson County GOP Vice Treasurer/County Commissioner Rob Blevins (left) and Senior Chairman Bobby Vesser (right)

Bobby will be in charge of promoting the Jefferson County Republican Party and our campaigns, platform, and activities among the seasoned citizens of our community. This position is, as Republican Women of the Future President Betty Fain has told me, “an institution in this county,” and is unique in that it is not provided for in the Tennessee State Republican Party bylaws, but is mandated by Jefferson County’s Republican charter. It shows our party’s commitment to reach out and insure that every part of our county’s electorate is represented within our party’s governing apparatus, from Young Republicans, to Republican Women (who have three choices in joining a chartered Republican Women’s organization in Jefferson County), to a special member dedicated to the issues and affairs of senior citizens.

There are few people in our county who are more qualified to serve in the latter capacity than Bobby Vesser, from his dedication to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, to his involvement in several of our county’s political campaigns-especially Sheriff’s races (duh!). As Bobby stands ready to assume his latest political challenge, we stand ready to help him become the best Senior Chairman that the Jefferson County Republican Party has yet been privileged to have.

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One Comment on “Congratulations to Bobby Vesser-the Jefferson County GOP’s new Senior Chairman”

  1. Great to have you Bobby!

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